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DCorp's News

Posted by DCorp - June 26th, 2008

It took almost 2 years, but I finally made it to my 1k post!

My 1k Post!

Posted by DCorp - June 16th, 2008

Well I decided to make my own desktop background about me living the Newgrounds dream.


It's too large for it to fit on NG so you can check it out on the site. Enjoy, and don't forget to right click and select save as desktop background :P

Posted by DCorp - June 6th, 2008

Finished downloading Virtual DJ, and I composed a song and a made about it with it . Check it out

~A Mix Of Hip Hop Songs~

/* */
~A Remix Of Mika-Relax Take It Easy~

/* */
~Mr.Scruff-Get A Move On-

/* */
~Hall Of The Mountain King~

/* */
~Kardinal Offishal Ft. Akon~

/* */

Posted by DCorp - May 21st, 2008

Ok, a long, long time ago when I was a complete fucking noob, I decided to make this tut call the DCorp Tutorial, which included a large shit load of tuts. Seeing how gay it was, I removed it from Newgrounds, and I never thought of it again. But not too long ago, I remembered it, and I decided to bring it back from the dead and make it into an actual legit tut. But I can't do it alone.

What The DCorp Tut Consists Of:

Almost every program you can think of.

Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Illustrator CS3
Adobe Flash CS3
Adobe Fireworks CS3
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
Adobe Lightroom CS3
Adobe Soundbooth CS3
Adobe Flex 3
Adobe Premier CS3
Swift 3D
Fl Studio
And a lil tut on Newgrounds.

Yah it's a hell fucking lot, but I think with the help of you, Newgrounds we can do it. Why did I select only these programs specifically? Well because these are most of the programs I've ever worked with, and actually done something productive with.

Want to be part of it??


At least some experience with one of the programs listed below. If not, you could be part of the Newgrounds tut section.

Having Windows Live Messenger (WLM). Most of our E-conferences will be on it. WHAT? I'm not paying for a fucking e-conference from Adobe Bridge, you can fucking forget it.

And...I think thats it.

If you'd wish to be part of it, Pm me

Email:daniel_masterofgiggety@hotmail.c om

And heres a pic I've made.

Oh yah, the due date is 08/08/08. Tripple 8's lolz. And one day b4 my BDAY :D

The DCorp Tutorial

Posted by DCorp - May 13th, 2008

Pisses myself many times watching these

/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */

Posted by DCorp - May 11th, 2008

And it made me pussy out like...37 times.

Don't believe me? Have a look a this..


The Site

The Movie (Requires A Bittorent Client To Download)

And Below Is A Pic From A Movie I'd Like To Share With You

I watched the Mist

Posted by DCorp - May 6th, 2008

Looks like someone got rick rolled. (See pic below)

Olympic Torch In San Fransisco gets Rick Rolled

/* */
Fox Tv Anchors Get Rick Rolled

/* */
Senior English Class Gets Rick Rolled

/* */
Mets Game Gets Rick Rolled

/* */
Muppets Rick Rolled You

/* */

Rick Rollage

Posted by DCorp - April 25th, 2008

This weeks rant will focus on the desperateness of this man, Russle Oliver. You may not of seen this man before because you probably don't live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). You can't watch any good television program without seeing this mother fucker pop up on your screen, and begin to talk about him buying your fucking broken and used jewlery, gold rings, gold watches, diamonds, and even your gold teeth. Then he begins to go in a bloody dance, with slutty skanks in the background singing " I'm the cash man! Give you money for your gold, OH Yeah" More like, "I'm the cash man! Sued by DC Comics, OH YEAH!" (In case you ever read the page, press Ctrl+F, and type "sued") Now you may think he's not that bad of a guy, but the problem with this mother fucker is he constantly makes his commercial loop over and over and over on your TV screen. Below are some videos.

Original Commercial:

/* */
Parodized Video(Fucking Awesome):

/* */

Posted by DCorp - April 17th, 2008

This weeks rant will be focused on the creepyness of this old woman. An old fucking Italian lady that is, with the fakest ass wig I've ever seen. What this Michelina's mamma does is go around and go up to random fucking people and degrade them for their fitness, acting like she could do more fucking better, which she could, if the company didn't hire so many faggitory acters. She hands the food from a random fucking microwave to the weak athletes, acting like eating it would give them more of a chance to this old bitch. First of all, giving the bloody microwavable food won't give them energy, all it would do is add on 40 pounds to make it even harder for this poor girl to climb the fucking wall. And the only reason she could tackle this grown man is because from eating all that shitty microwavable food, she has now have the weight equivilant of a polar bear. Please, take the time to go over this, and never trust old, fucking fat, Italian women with fake fucking wigs.

/* */

Another Rant: The Michelinia's Commercial

Posted by DCorp - March 21st, 2008

As most of you know by now I am extremely fucking pissed on the fact that the Kelloggs Co. keeps flooding my fucking TV with shitty advertisements of a fucking queer little piece of shit, known as a mini wheat singing about how it it's whole wheat and it taste great. HOLD THE FUCK ON! "Whole wheat" and "tastes great" should never be used in the same fucking sentence. What really fucking pisses me off is the recent commercial, a mini wheat (Rob Paulsen) walking down the fucking street until he sees this slutty German blonde working in a shit of an establishment. He smells the faggity cinnamon roll and starts floating and ends up being rolled up into a fucking cinnamon roll by an old fucking German. He's sent into a fucking stove, is toasted, and comes out as a cinnamon roll in approx. 4.3 seconds. He breaks out of a fucking cinnamon roll, dressed in a homo lederhosen, and starts doing a fucking retarded dance with a bunch of Germans in the background saying "He's Whole Wheat and He Tastes Great". NO. And if it wasn't that fucking bad they had to go into a fucking chorus with the rest of the faggitories. Then the horror ends. You can see the horror here. The problem with this fucking commercial is it plays every 2 minutes, which seriously pisses me off. Every fucking chanel has this singing faggot on it.


Don't buy their shit cereal. You may think, "Hey I Should Try Some New Shit". But it basically tastes like a bunch of fucking hay rolled up and some artificial flavoring added. You may not know what the fuck that tastes like, but heres an example. Go to your backyard, roll up some fucking grass, and add some fruit punch crystals to it. You have mini fucking wheats.

Please take this seriously, and flip the channel every time you see the commercial, or you might be lured by its faggitory. And every time your getting fucking cereal, bring a marker with you, so every time you see a mini wheats box, write " Faggitory" all over the fucking box. And please for fucks sake, stick to Count Chocula.

Mini Fucking Wheats