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Nicely done Ashford, point proved


Karl, you never seize to make my day, Karl :D


Excellently put together, loved TOMMYVF's part :D

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An addicting, fun game to play, I absolutely love it.

As for other things though:

[10/10] Animation: Absolutely perfect, the gore was beautifly done in the madness genre style, the weapons look exactly like their original models, the reload style was well done, the scenes were absolutely well done, a lot of attention to detail, overall I loved it.

[7/10]Sound and Music:

Quite frankly, I was a bit disappointed with the gun sounds seeing how they all sounded the same in a perspective, such as the launchers (grenade, acid, ect) and I felt that you could of at least changed the sound a bit, so there's a sense that not all of them have a suppressed sound. What also disappointing me is that you used reload sounds from the Half Life series, which i really dislike, you should let the reload sounds as it is.
However, I loved the music selection, it sounded really up beat to the stage, it's a shame you didn't provide a list of songs though, I really like the laboratory sound track.

[6/10] Gameplay/ Weapon Selection: Quite honestly, I really was disappointed not seeing some classics in shooters such as the M16, the M4 Carbine, G36, the desert eagle, the M1 Garrard, the MP5, and I'm really surprised that you forgot the AK-47, and my list goes on, and on, and on. The weapons felt repeated in a sense, the rebound gun and the M-1887 were practically the same model, different texture. Another thing that bothered me is why there wasn't any shared ammo with the lever shotgun and the M-1887, seeing how they probably both use 12-gauge shotgun shells, and naming the ammo after the gun such as "Travor Ammo", which I really thought you should of done some homework about. I really liked the medal feature, and I would love if there were attachments for your weapons, such as a silencer for the Thompson or the Travor, which would be really badass. One thing I was really pleased about is you actually placed the Pancor Jackhammer into the game, which brought joy to my life, seeing how everyone finds it to be overkill. Most importantly, and RPG mode would of been good, like starting out with the Beretta 92, and earning money from kills per round, and buying new weapons, attatchments, ect. To be quite honest, pure onslaught gets boring after a while.

Overall this game is pretty fun to play on a rainy day, and I'd think this game would be fun to anybody who enjoys a good flash based shooter.


Absoloutly beautiful. I've waiting ages for a sequel. Thank you sir.

I Lovd It =]

Im always was a sucker for hentai games. But this one is even better ^^

Hope to see a 3rd one :o

Phantox responds:

^__^ Glad you liked it

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Love it :D

Out of all your submissions Nal, theres no doubt in my mind that this is your best. 10/10


Very nicely done, I loved the part where there were use of trumpets near the middle to the end of the song. Moar trumpets would be an improvement :D.

brkzeld responds:

ha ha... funny thing is I agree!


your better than paragonX9 by...... who knows how much. I ran out of space to type the 9's. Sorry. You know how much you rule and newgrounds has to see it; or we'll be screwed.

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